Part-Time Gigs to Supplement Your Income

  1. VipKid – Teaching English online to children in China. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree and experience teaching children. We have been told that homeschooling, teaching VBS, and teaching Sabbath school count. Having a TEFL (teaching English to speakers of foreign languages) certificate is a bonus. $14-22 per hour.
  2. TextBroker – Quick writing gigs for a variety of companies.  The company gives you a star rating (5 out of 5 max) based on the quality of your initial writing sample, so do your very best if you decide to register as an author. Compensation depends on your star rating, but is overall pretty low (e.g. $14 for a 1000-word article at a 4-star rating), so this gig only makes sense if you are a fast writer and have lots of free time.
  3. UserTesting – Get paid to review websites. This company only has a limited amount of gigs and each site owner is looking for a specific group of people (e.g. female entrepreneurs, etc.) to test their site. As a result, you’ll need to take a survey in order to qualify for many of the tests and you definitely wont qualify for all and probably wont qualify for most. This is a quick and easy way to make a few dollars once in a while, but don’t depend on it for your livelihood.

Last Updated: December 31, 2017

**This is the end of part-time gigs to supplement your income. We’ll update this article when we learn about additional opportunities and we’ll update the “last updated” date accordingly.